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I think Lionsgate decided to show some Games foatgoe for this trailer because they know that Japanese people use the Internet too, and would have access to a lot of foatgoe on Youtube and other sites. Also, the DVD will be out in the US, and I'm sure other countries, by then. As for the voice-over, I understand some Japanese myself, and it's actually not telling you what a great movie it is. The text that pops up before the video, though, does trumpet how the movie was No 1 in the US for 4 weeks. The voice-over is actually a quick explanation of what the Games are. Rough translation as follows: In a future world ruled by a wealthy oligarchy, the people of 12 poor districts are forced to have 24 of their youth be selected to fight to the death until only one remains; the ultimate survival game. The name of this game is the Hunger Game.

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